On November 26, 2021, the twenty-first Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and biology was opened in the city of Turkistan. The opening ceremony of the educational institution was attended by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin and the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov.

The construction of the school building, covering an area of 23,000 square meters, was carried out by the investment construction holding “BI Group.” The school facilities include a dormitory for 132 students, a cafeteria with seating for 360, a 250-square-meter library, a large sports complex, and a conference hall. The school is designed for 720 students, with 360 students accepted into the 7th-9th grades.

The school features a digital educational center connected to platforms such as NIS Online, NIS Lab, and Online Mektep. These platforms, equipped with modern technologies, facilitate the practical application of acquired knowledge and skills. Additionally, the school is equipped with large and small sports halls, game areas for football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Future plans include hosting various sports competitions and contests at these venues on a city and regional scale.

The school library fund consists of approximately 15,000 books in Kazakh, Russian, and English. The library is divided into four zones for individual and group work, research activities, and various intellectual events.

Special attention is given to the Kazakh language, literature, and art at the school. With the support of the national television channel “QAZAQSTAN,” the “Til-Qazyna” complex was established to create an atmosphere where students can watch performances by Kazakh writers, poets, Alash activists, and films from the golden fund of Kazakh cinema. The complex includes three rooms: a classical classroom, a cinema-audio hall, and rooms dedicated to Kazakh oral folk art.

The school also focuses on addressing global issues. This particularly concerns the agro-industrial complex of the Turkestan region. To achieve this goal, the school is equipped with a specialized agro-laboratory where students conduct soil analysis to determine the nutrient content necessary for the normal growth and development of plants. Modern spectrophotometers, spectrometers, microscopes, and thermal centrifuges in the school laboratory facilitate scientific experiments benefiting society.

The school also has a co-working zone—a collaborative learning space for interaction and skill development. Besides being a comfortable study space, it provides opportunities for communication, exchange of experiences, and relaxation. This area is suitable for public speaking, project preparation, roundtables, seminars, and training sessions, as well as for completing homework, reading reports, and holding meetings with successful individuals.

Furthermore, the school has a psychological relief room equipped with modern technologies. This room contributes to increasing student motivation in the learning process, restoring performance, and emotional well-being.

In addition, there are studios for telecasting, STEM, engineering, robotics, arts, and choreography, which influence the personal development of students engaged in various projects such as TEDx, Wikipedia, Smart Thursday, NIS Fm Radio, “100 books,” “100 Kazakh legends,” and “100 Kazakh songs.

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