Dear parents and applicants!

The autonomous educational organization ” Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools “announces a competition for the award of an educational grant” Orken ” to applicants for education in the 7th grades of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in the 2024-2025 academic year.
The document will be accepted from January 8 to February 10, 2024. Comprehensive tests will be held on March 28-29, 2024. For the admission of students to Intellectual Schools, a competitive selection system is used that meets international standards and includes the principle of objectivity, fairness and equality for all applicants.

To participate in the competitive selection for admission to the 7th grade of Intellectual Schools, the legal representative of the applicant submits the following documents:
1) Application;

2) Survey;

3) the applicant’s birth certificate, the applicant’s iin, a copy of the applicant’s identity card (if any), a copy of the legal representative’s identity card with the IIN.

If necessary, at the request of the selection committee, legal representatives are required to provide a document confirming the applicant’s citizenship.

4) a copy of the applicant’s plate for the first half of the 6th grade. The plate must be certified by the signature of the head of the relevant educational organization and sealed.

Applicants who have fully completed the 7th grade of secondary education organizations are not granted the right to apply for re– education in this class of intellectual school. This does not include students from foreign educational organizations and international schools that differ from the educational classes of the Republic of Kazakhstan due to the level of education and the specifics of the curriculum;

5) foreign educational organizations or applicants studying in international schools that differ from the assessment scale and program of educational organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the assessment scale and educational program attach a letter of the school with an explanation of the assessment scales and the content of the program, attached to the progress sheet (transcript of the assessment;

6) size 3×4 CM. a digital photo of the candidate in the form of a graphic file of no more than 1 MB (megabyte) or the performance of a photo photo of the candidate in the selection committee when submitting documents.

The photo is performed strictly on a bright background in full size, with a neutral facial expression and a closed mouth, in which the face is 75% of the total volume of the photo. It is not allowed to use images prepared by computer scanning, modeling or photocopying. Headdresses and glasses are not allowed during the photo shoot. The eyes are open, clearly visible and not covered with hair. The photo must be at least 450 x 600 pixels in size and have a resolution of at least 600 pixels/inch (dpi).

All documents are submitted in a plastic folder.

Grounds for refusal to accept documents:

1) documents submitted later than the approved deadline;

2) the list of documents is incomplete;

3) submission by a third party of documents without a power of attorney issued on behalf of the legal representative of the applicant.

The effectiveness of the existing system of competitive selection of students for Intellectual Schools was confirmed by validation studies (2016, 2020) and the successful passage of international accreditation by the Research Center for expertise and certification (RCEC, Netherlands) in 2022.
Based on the results of the competition, the educational grant “Orken” is awarded in accordance with the grants allocated to specific schools in accordance with the assessment of the ability to study subjects of the natural and mathematical direction and applicants who have scored the highest overall score on the language test.

When awarding grants, they are guided by the following indicators:
* the number of people who scored the highest overall score as a result of comprehensive testing in accordance with the language of instruction;
* design capacity of schools.
In order to prepare applicants for admission to Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, AEO implements the following projects:
* Virtual School for students of grades 5, 6 (online, free of charge);
* Vacation School on the basis of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools for students who have passed the final test of the virtual school (free of charge);
· online training course “how to prepare for admission to Nazarbayev Intellectual school and evaluate your capabilities” on the website (for a fee);
* Competitive testing for competitive selection of students on the basis of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (paid).
Detailed information about projects you can get it on the website in the “candidates” section. Passing these courses does not guarantee admission to Intellectual Schools.

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