Turkestan intellectuals awarded certificates

Students of the 11th grade of Nazarbayev Intellectual school in the spiritual capital were solemnly awarded certificates. According to the results of the last academic year, 66 children completed 10 classes. Of these, 2 students graduated with honors, and intellectuals were able to show good results in the external aggregate assessment test.
It should be noted that the intellectuals who were awarded the certificate will be remembered as the first graduates in the history of Nis in Turkestan. At the same time, the principal of the school, Aydin Tussupzhanov, told the students that hope and faith are high.
-As the first graduates of NIS in Turkestan, I would like to convey to you that our friends have high hopes and trust. The path of success that you have built is one of the first milestones in the history of the school. Therefore, successful planning for the next two years is the biggest task for you. In the future, as intellectuals who have revived the history of Turkestan, look from the highest heights! – he expressed great confidence in the students of the 11th grade.