🌱 🌟The game "Kaleidoscope" leads to friendship

The large psychological game “Kaleidoscope” for young intellectuals of the Turkestan NIS became a successful start for the 7th grade in adaptation to the intellectual educational institution and the new environment. Today, students of the 7th L Class played this game, got closer to the educational process and classmates, adapted to the new environment.
The goal of the game is to develop the ability to control oneself in social situations, analyze one’s own actions, Unite the team and create an emotional climate. In general, this training is a special game that teachers use for students in the learning process.
The game began with the assembly of one dense group in a circle made of chairs and continued with the assembly of the class kaleidoscope, writing their dream goals on the given colored glass-like paper parts.
When combining different patterns of the kaleidoscope, students realized that there are many Narses in common, and individual, pair, team work is important in completing a given task.
– Taking part in this game, I learned to express my thoughts openly without being squeezed in a crowd. In addition, I was very happy to learn that we have common interests in getting to know my classmates up close. During the game, we learned not only to have fun, but also to divide into groups, support and listen to each other.
A large psychological game “Kaleidoscope”, which had a positive effect in providing psychological support to students, in addition to adapting to a new environment, led young intellectuals to friendship.